The Soul Fire Writing Retreat in September 2022 was held at Start Bay, Devon. Soul Fire Writing Retreats are spaces for changemakers and activists to get together and reflect, imagine, and co-create. They are co-designed and co-facilitated by Max Hope and Sophie Christophy.

For this retreat, we took inspiration from Mary Oliver (1935-2019), an American poet with a reputation for work inspired by her connection to nature. Her poetry and prose are full of wonder, humour, and a profound reverence for the wild.

We wanted to co-create something that we could publish at the end of the weekend, something which communicated our collective and personal commitments to change making, authenticity, speaking our truth, and speaking from the heart.

This collection of poetry, prose, and artwork – an anthology – is the result.

One thought on “Soul Fire Anthology: inspired by Mary Oliver

  1. What a wonderful collection of writing and photographs.

    I am a big fan of Mary Oliver.

    Sadly when the sea is rough I have a problem with the terrible history of Slapton Sands – the awful cries of hundreds of drowning US soldiers in WW2. Not referenced in the writing – maybe just as well – though there are memorials now – eg at Torcross.

    Counterpoint to the Slapton Sands disaster perhaps is the recovery of the lovely Cirl Bunting now to be found with the Yellowhammers (‘little bit of bread and no cheese”) around the Lower Ley.

    Thanks for publishing the work!!



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