Write On Changemakers has been initiated by Dr Max Hope but there is a far larger collective of folk who are underpinning and inspiring the work. Join us.

Max is a facilitator, educator, researcher, activist, and writer. As a university academic in the fields of radical, alternative and inclusive education, she published dozens of journal articles, book chapters, conference presentations and books and details of these can be found here. More recently, she has been inspired to write in more accessible ways and is convinced that blogging and non-academic publishing has a far greater chance of influencing deep social change.

Max’s own identity as an activist and changemaker is rooted in her commitment to social and environmental justice. She has spent many years as a grassroots activist, primarily focusing on challenging queer and gender-based inequalities and providing innovative alternative spaces for marginalized young people and adults. She is angry about poverty, about sexual violence, about the abuse of power, about patriarchy, and about the state of the wild world. She is a firm believer in the power of the collective and strives to find ways of joining forces with other activists to push for simultaneous changes across multiple fronts.

Write On Changemakers is part of Max’s activism. She wants to change the world, and in turn, wants to do what she can to help other people to do the same. Between us, we can make the world fairer, kinder, more just and more equitable. For everyone. For the sake of people and planet.

Let’s work together for a better world.

Group Culture for Write On Changemakers

1. Let’s agree that there are many formats for writing. Poems. Stories. Blog posts. Letters. Academic articles. Journalistic pieces. Speeches. Podcasts. Three word slogans. A range of formats work well for different people and purposes. This doesn’t need to feel competitive.

2. Let’s accept that the word ‘changemaker’ might mean many contrasting things. Most people in the world want to see some things change but we certainly wouldn’t all agree on what that should be. Write On Changemakers has been initiated by someone who wants to build a world which is fairer, kinder, more just and more equitable, for people and planet. This means that there are limits to what will be published on this site. No hate speech. Nothing that diminishes the rights and dignity of others. Nothing defamatory. Otherwise, a diversity of perspectives is encouraged. Bring it on. Speak out.

3. Let’s acknowledge that there’s an etiquette about not nicking the stuff of others. That’s called plagiarism. This site is a place to post new materials and to take risks and put stuff into the public arena. Have a go. Take a chance. And in return, don’t nick stuff from other people. If you are inspired by what you see, then make sure you say who wrote it and give them credit. Easy.